School is just around the corner. It means the time to plan has come. Today I set up my school wardrobe for my upcoming semester. It is really hard for me to choose what to wear to school, I almost freak out everytime I stand in front of my closet. That is why I decided to try the concept of “the capsule wardrobe”. A good thing with capsule wardrobes is that they include versatile clothing pieces, which is  I looked for inspiration on Pinterest, it’s a really great place to look after ideas. The only downside is that you can’t get away from Pinterest. However, I found many beautiful capsules. Some of them had only black and white basics, other had colorful clothes. They were all interesting and each had a touch of personality. I am more of the colorful girl, but this time I decided to tone it down a little bit for this school year. Here’s my capsule wardrobe:


6 tops
A white blouse
A navy plaid shirt
A yellow shirt
A navy shirt
A red knitted sweater
A white knitted sweater

4 bottoms
A pair of black leggings
A pair of navy blue jeans
A pair of light blue jeans
A black skirt


5 dresses
A red dress
A navy blue dungaree dress
A black “dungaree” dress (do you call dungaree dress?)
A navy blue shirt dress
A striped dress

Right now, there are 15 clothing pieces in my school capsule wardrobe. During the school year, I will probably add more in it, but for now this amount of clothing pieces are more than perfect to me. And then we will have to add shoes, accessories and more but let’s take it another time. Hope you will all have a nice day! See you next time!

2 thoughts on “MY SCHOOL WARDROBE

    1. Thank you! I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well with your capsule. I feel less stressed about what to wear myself and more focused on other things, which is really relieving and great ❤


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